Veterans Policies

Academic Progress

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs regulations require that all persons using any type of veteran educational assistance programs make satisfactory academic progress toward achievement of their educational objective (degree plan) as defined in the Arcadia University catalog. A student who fails to meet the minimum standards will be placed on probation or disqualification. If satisfactory academic progress has not been demonstrated, veteran educational benefits will be terminated until such progress can be demonstrated. Benefits may be resumed when the veteran student raises his/her cumulative grade point average (GPA) to the required minimum standards or demonstrates the ability to meet these standards.

Changes in Student Status

It is the veteran student's responsibility to notify Arcadia University regarding any change in enrollment, address, degree plan, enrollment at another institution, or any other change that may impact his/her veteran educational benefits. Failure to report such changes can result in an overpayment requiring debt collection action from the VA.

Credit for Prior Training/Training

Veteran students are required to request and have evaluated all prior college and university credit received prior to, during and after military service, including joint service transcripts.  This is to ensure that the VA does not pay for coursework twice and that students receive the most from their benefits.  Please also note--the University awards ACE recommended transfer credit whenever possible. 

Grievance Procedures for Cases of Discrimination or Harassment

Members of the Arcadia University community who feel they have experienced discrimination, disciplinary action, or harassment based upon ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, race, color, religion, creed, sex/gender, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, age, gender identity, military or military veteran status, disability, family medical or genetic information, or any other legally protected characteristic have rights to grievance procedures which should both address their complaints and see that misbehavior or errant practices are corrected.