Meet The Commuter Life Staff

Nicholas J. Kirkstadt

Area Coordinator

2017-2018 Commuter Assistants

You can contact us at

  • Shani Carrington
  • Sarah Eldakkak
  • Anita Mathew
  • Jake Schellinger
  • Shiv Zaveri (Senior Commuter Assistant)

About the CAs

Commuter Assistants (CAs) are undergraduate students selected for our interpersonal skills and our willingness to aid commuter students. We go through extensive training to serve as resources for you. CAs are important conduits of information and work as your liaisons to the Student Affairs Office. We have posted hours, during which you can find us in the Commuter Lounge, but you can also find us in the Library, the Commons and the Easton Café. You may also find us in the parking lots during one of our popular Parking Lot Programs. Commuter Assistants are supervised by the Area Coordinator of Heinz, Knight, and Commuter Life, whose office is one floor above the Commuter Lounge in Heinz Hall.

CAs help make the Commuter Lounge your home away from home. We plan social and educational programs designed to build community and promote campus resources. We also team up with Resident Assistants (RAs) on programs to create a vibrant campus life for all students.